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Ship design

Since 1995, Design Bureau "Vostok" - a structural unit of JSC SSTC - has been engaged in working out technical projects and in developing design documentation for construction of all types of seagoing and river vessels and also repair-technical documentation for their repairs, modernization, renovation, and reclassification.
More than 800 seagoing vessels of various types and purposes with a total of circa 3 million displacement tons and 1.7 million hp capacity of main propulsion plants have been built by the designs of the Bureau, including about 500 fishing vessels of various types, more than 200 large freezer-trawlers and fish-processing trawlers, about 30 floating fish canneries and fishing bases, and various research and transportation vessels.
The score of developed designs covers the range from trawlers of Kareliya type with 320 displacement tons up to floating base Vostok with 44 000 displacement tons.