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Pipe Bending Machinery

    JSC “SSTC” develops and produces machines for bending of steel and rust-resistant steel pipes as well as non-ferrous metal alloy pipes and titanium alloy pipes

    STM1-1М, STG-60RD, STG-108RD, STG-219RD pipe bending machines are intended for cold bending of pipes by winding up method with application of mandrel.

    STM1-1М machine has a software program control from industrial computer, that provides a digital technology of pipes bending, eliminating application of control templates and outline drawing. STG-60RD, STG-108RD, STG-219RD machines have no carriage and perform bending in semi-automatic mode by presetting.

    Machines of UTG-IN type are intended for bending of pipes along with induction heating.

    The above machines can be equipped both with water and air cooling of pipe heating zone.

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    Performances of Pipe Bending Machinery:


    (with СNC control system)


    (with HF current heating)

    Diameter of pipes to be bent, mm 14-6014-6038-11076-21945-273 (377)
    Maximum length of pipes to be bent, mm4 0004 0004 0004 0009 000
    Maximum bending angle, deg.180180180180180
    Maximum bending speed, rpm5.
    Weight, kg4 4002 7009 90019 8009 800
    Installed power: kW12.67.51555250

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    Reference List:

    JSC “Production Association “Sevmash”:

    • STM1-1М machine has been operated since 2006
    • UTG-IN type plant was handed over for pilot operation in 2009

    JSC “Far Eastern Shipyard “Zvezda”:

    • UTG-IN plant has been operated since 2009

    JSC “Baltic Shipbuilding Plant “Yantar”:

    • UTG-IN type plant has been operated since 2009

    The following machines and plants have been supplied for export:

    • UTG-IN type plant had been operated since 2000
    • STG-60RD, STG-108RD, STG-219RD machines have been operated since 2007

    Conditions and terms of delivery of pipe bending machinery

    Time of manufacture – 8 months.

    The price of pipe bending machines of cold bending essentially depends on tooling package.

    In addition to shipbuilding and shiprepair the pipe – bending machinery produced by JSC “SSTC” has been applied in the following industries:

    • Metallurgical industry
    • Chemical and oil & gas industry
    • Food processing industry
    • Electric power industry
    • Boiler building