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Bending/ Straightening Machines

    Joint Stock Corporation “Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center” (JSC "SSTC") develops and manufactures bending and forming equipment for forming of ship hull parts.

    JSC “SSTC” produces and supplies MGPS-25 machines with maximum bending force of 250 kN (25 ts) and MGPS-100 machines with maximum bending force of 1000 kN (100 ts).

    The bending on machines is carried out by a method of rotary local deformation by a way of bending or rolling off of a sheet in rollers. Longitudinal bending of a sheet in rollers, lateral bending by rolling of a roller on a sheet placed on bend die or bending in small sized stamping fixture.

    The machines provide forming of sheet parts with a single and double curvature of surface. Application of above machines avoids the necessity in bending by local heating and hot forming to get sheets of sail and saddle shape.

    Bending of bars and section iron (bulb plate and T-bar) with web looking outside by rolling off of web as well as straightening of heat displacements occurring during cutting and welding can be carried out on above machine.

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    Advantages of bending by rotary local deformation:
    • 15-25 fold reduction of bending force compared to traditional die pressing processes and rolling in bending rollers;
    • Avoidance in necessity of hot forming or bending by a way of local heating;
    • Application of special stamping tools is not required;
    • Reduction in time and cost of production process preparation;
    • Reduction of power requirement for forming process.
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    Advantages of application of bending-straight ening machines for bending by rotary-local deformation method compared to sheet metal stamping shipbuilding presses:
    • 3–5 fold reduction of costs for purchasing and installation of equipment due to elimination of deep foundations;
    • Several times reduction of installed power and power requirement of equipment as well as power consumption;
    • Reduction of operating costs;
    • More than 10 fold reduction of oil operational volume in press hydraulic system;
    • Single or double order reduction of bending fixture weight;
    • Elimination of costs for engineering and production of special stamping fixture;
    • Increase of production process mechanization level, reduction of hand labor fraction;
    • Increase of accuracy of sheet parts bending;
    • Reduction of labor intensity and bending time of most parts.
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    Advantages of MGPS machines design:
    • Increased dimensions of gantry aperture;
    • Availability of travelling carriage, carrying top press bending roller or a punch;
    • Wide work table;
    • Gear motors are brought away from work zone of roller press;
    • Feasibility of application of two bending modes: by set sheet deflection or with specified bending force;
    • Feasibility for smooth variation of vertical travel speed of rod with bending roller and hydraulic cylinder pressure;
    • Availability numerical displays of control panel, displaying vertical travelling of top bending roller and bending force as well as pressure gauge on the carriage;
    • Application of frequency controlled electric drives for movement of the carriage with bending roller along the gantry as well as for rotation of bottom bending roller;
    • Feasibility of control of all bending operations from one panel, including cranes control;
    • The machine is provided with multiple process tooling;
    • Improved geometry of hardened functional surfaces of flexible bending tooling in the form of rollers, punches and dies;
    • Application of supporting devices for sheet holding;
    • Spot lighting of work table of roller press.
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    Equipment Performances



    Maximum bending force, kN (tf)

    250 (25)

    1000 (100)

    Maximum thickness of bent sheet of single (double) curvature, mm

    20 (16)

    40 (30)

    Maximum width of rolled stock to be processed, mm



    Maximum length of rolled stock to be processed, mm



    Vertical travel of top bending roller, mm



    Speed of approach / pressing of top bending roller, mm/s



    Maximum speed of movement of power unit, m/min



    Maximum rolling speed of sheet in rollers, m/min



    Installed power of roller press, kW



    Weight of roller press, T



    Overall dimensions of roller press (lxbxh), m



    Overall dimensions of travelling gantry crane (lxbxh), m



    Number of travelling gantry cranes, pc



    Base of travelling gantry crane, mm

    2 500

    3 500

    Gauge width of railway tracks (clearance of travelling gantry crane ), mm

    10 000

    12 000

    Length of crane ways, m

    16 (24)


    Number of tackles available on travelling gantry crane, pc



    Capacity of electric tackle of travelling gantry crane, t



    During bending on machine a sheet is held by workshop crane equipment or travelling gantry cranes as well as special supporting devices included in machine configuration. Bending on machine is carried out by lines marked on the sheet. Control of sheets shape is carried out by control templates and mock molds. Bending rollers, punches, dies loading and supporting devices are supplied along with the machine package.

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    MGPS machines produced by JSC “SSTC” were supplied to the following plants of the Russian Federation:
    • JSC “Shipbuilding Company “Almaz”, St. Petersburg
    • JSC “Spetsremont”, Moscow
    • JSC “Almaz” Marine Yard”, St. Petersburg
    • JSC “Demikhovsky machine building plant”, Moscow Region
    • Branch of “Astrakhan shipbuilding plant” JSC “Shipbuilding Center “Zvyozdochka”, Astrakhan
    • JSC “Vostochnaya Verf”, Vladivostok
    • JSC “Sredne-Nevsky shipbuilding plant”, St. Petersburg
    • JSC “Khabarovsk shipbuilding plant”, Khabarovsk
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    Conditions and terms of MGPS machine delivery

    Time of manufacture – 12 months

    Equipment price depends of complete set, especially on configuration of bending and process tooling kit as well as hoisting equipment supplied along with the machine.

    In addition to shipbuilding and shiprepair the bending–straightening equipment produced by JSC “SSTC” has been applied in the following industries:

    • Car building
    • Aircraft engineering
    • Chemical and oil & gas industries