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JSC SSTC participated in VI Global Fishery Forum & SeaFood Expo Russia

From September 27 till 29, JSC SSTC participated in VI Global Fishery Forum & SeaFood Expo Russia (St. Petersburg).

During opening ceremony the exhibition participants were addressed by Dmitry Patrushev, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Sergei Mitin, 1st Deputy of the Federation Council Committee on Food, Agriculture Policy and Environmental Management and Ilya Shestakov, Chief of Federal Agency for Fishery, who noted that within past 6 years the exhibition grew up twice and became successful global platform.

After inauguration ceremony, the delegation headed by Ilya Shestakov attended exhibition stands of participating companies. At the stand of JSC SSTC, Mikhail Aleksandrov, the Director General, narrated about new projects of fishing vessels and revealed business roadmap.

JSC SSTC represented projects of fishing vessels (large and middle fishing trawlers) meeting demands stipulated in the decree No.633 dated 25.05.2017 of the Government of the Russian Federation regarding investments in various fishing facilities for Far Eastern and Northern fishery basins. Modern and advanced projects developed and demonstrated by JSC SSTC include design of vessels with crab RSW-tanks made from composite materials. Medium crab vessel Kunashir (Project SKS57) can accommodate 54 small crab tanks in two lines, each of 7-10.5 cubic meters volume and 550 cubic meters total volume. This allows to store and transfer up to 110-120 ton of live crab. This vessel is capable of making 15 knots per hour at full load thus ensuring rapid cargo delivery. This project fully meets the requirements stipulated in Decree No.1112 dated 28.08.2019 of the Government of the Russian Federation. Vessel construction procedures developed by JSC SSTC comply with international standards and ensure construction efficiency with minimum labor intensity and duration. Futher more, that projects rendered by JSC SSTC have high (70%) localization level. JSC SSTC also represented interactive mock-ups using VR-technologies, which demonstrate company’s expertise in integrated design and construction of shipyards and dockyards, hydraulic facilities, marine engineering and instrument-making enterprises, complex works in harsh environmental conditions; samples of unique shipboard valves and other items.

This year the exhibition was attended by about 18 thousand visitors from 85 regions of the Russian Federation and 75 foreign states. This exhibition occupied 2 pavilions of 26000 square meters.

VI Global Fishery Forum & SeaFood Expo Russia is big global platform attractive both for domestic and foreign companies, many of which enter the Russian market for the first time. 

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