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Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yards

    Many years’ experience of shipbuilding and shiprepair yards designing makes it possible to develop cost-effective modern enterprises.

    Both integrated projects of enterprises and projects of individual workshops and facilities are being developed.

    The leading shipbuilding and shiprepair yards of our country have been constructed as per the integrated projects of the company: 

    • JSC “Amur Shipbuilding Plant”, City of Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
    • JSC “Production Association "Sevmash” and JSC “Shipbuilding Center "Zvyozdochka”, City of Severodvinsk,
    • Shiprepair Yard “Nerpa”, City of Snezhnogorsk,
    • JSC “Far Eastern Shipyard “Zvezda”, City of Bolshoy Kamen,
    • JSC “Yantar” Baltic Shipyard", City of Kaliningrad,
    • JSC “Vyborg Shipyard”, City of Vyborg and many others.

    There have been designed numerous Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yards as well as specialized production facilities in Egypt, India, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Algeria, Vietnam, China, Greece and other countries.