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Program complex for simulation of assembly shops

Program complex for simulation of pre-assembly and unitization shops and building berths for large- and medium scale ships construction  

The complex is developed for automation of selection of integrated design solutions for large- and medium-scale ships construction facilities.

Application of the complex allows to resolve both “direct” task, i.e. evaluation of taken solutions relative to planned production program, and “reverse” task, when size of production bays and type of crane equipment are recommended on the base of production program analysis and existing restrictions. 

The software allows remote work and team work within the frames of company local network, including creation, collection and use of initial data, models and experiment results, as well as generation of reports. 

Service-oriented architecture and cloud computing technique allow flexible configuration and scaling the solution to meet requirements of a particular company.

The system works under Windows XP, \Vista, Windows 7 and higher, and requires programming platform FrameWork, database Microsoft SQL and simulation system GPSS Word. Medium: C#.

Certificate of official registration of computer program No. 2013610285 dated 09.01.2013.

Field of application - shipbuilding.