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Automated system Sirius

Automated system Sirius
(Application for automated generation of simulation models, storage of the same and for performance of experimental surveys)

Automated system Sirius (AS Sirius) is purposed for carrying out complete cycle of simulation surveys of shipyards functioning processes. Simulation survey includes initial data input, simulation models generation, performance and carrying out experimental surveys, preparation reporting documentation on experimental surveys results in Microsoft Word format.
To run generated simulation model external (pluggable) industrial simulator GPSS World (commercial license) is used.
Use of AS allows:
-    To define whether production program of yard can be accomplished with set parameters of production system and construction technology;
-    To  define duration of main vessel’s construction stages and comparison of the same with new scheduled dates of construction;
-    To detect yard production system’s bottlenecks;
-    To define manufacturing facility’s workload indexes (workload of technological, crane and transportation equipment, sections, shops, building berths) when accomplishing production program;
-    To assess consequences of temporary de-commissioning of separate facilities, included in scope of simulation model (equipment/section/shop);
-    To  assess efficiency of setting into work of separate facilities, included in scope of simulation model (equipment/section/shop);
-    To make up production schedules: delivery of sheet and profiled steel from steel store (steel launch), delivery of equipment from mechanical facility, delivery of pipes from pipe processing facility.
 Composition of initial data of AS Sirius, required for simulation modeling:

-    Yard production program;
-    Yard plan, including layout diagram, layouts and specifications of shops, sections and composition of their equipment;
-    Description and specifications of vessels under construction;
-    Split of vessels into assembly units (hull, blocks, sections, assemblies) and large-scaled assembly-installation units, vessel shaping tree;  
-    Data on binding of assembly and assembly-installation units to construction areas;
-    Principal production technologies as applied to main production branches;
-    Description and specifications of used crane, transport and technological equipment;
-    Equipment maintenance schedule;
-    Yard operation schedule, including shift-work (plant-schedule) of yard and its separate facilities;
-    External deliveries schedule of assembly and assembly-installation units;
-    Labour intensity of works and transport operations.
Software complex functions in network environment as follows: operation system Microsoft Windows XP or better, with pre-installed components Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Framework 4. DBMS - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.
Certificate of official registration of computer program No. 2016610247 dated 11.01.2016.
Application area – shipbuilding.