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By decree of Counsil of people's Commissars of the USSR dated 23 August, 1939 and by order of People's Commissar for Shipbuilding dated 26 August, 1939 No. 235, the All-Union Trust Orgsudoprom was established, which is currently Joint Stock Corporation Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center.

26 August, 1939

OrgSudoProm Union Trust was established

29 June, 1948

OrgSudoProm Union Trust was reorganized into Central Research Institute of Advanced Shipbuilding Technology (CRI-138)

August, 1957

A branch of the Institute was established in Nikolaev

December, 1957

A branch of the Institute was established in Khabarovsk

December, 1959

Nikolaev branch incorporated a repair plant , which subsequently became Engineering plant Crystal

January, 1961

Black Sea Corrosion Station was commissioned in Sevastopol. In February 1966 this station became a Black Sea branch of the Institute

March, 1963

A branch of the Institute was established in Gorky (now Nizhniy Novgorod)

25 April, 1963

By order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the Institute was awarded a Red Banner of Labor for significant contribution to the development of shipbuilding industry and for assistance to shipbuilding companies in increasing their technical capabilities

March, 1965

The Institute incorporated Pella Marine Engineering plant in Leningrad

September, 1965

The Institute incorporated Special Plastic Design Bureau in Feodosia with its Novinka plant

31 January, 1966

By Order of Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry (No. 0056) the Institute was renamed the Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology (the CRIST)

December, 1968

The Institute  incorporated Petrozavod plant in Leningrad and Svir Shipyard

27 August, 1969

The CRIST, its branches and experimental plants were reorganized into Research and Production Association Ritm, the first association in shipbuilding industry

22 April, 1993

RPA Ritm was transformed into the State Enterprise Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology. The CRIST became a legal successor of RPA

March, 1994

The CRIST incorporated the following divisions:

- Design Company Soyuzproyektverf (former State Union Design Institute Soyuzproyektverf);

- Armas Design Bureau for Ship Fittings (former Central Design Bureau of Znamya Oktyabrya plant)

June, 1994

The CRIST got a status of the State Scientific Center of Russian Federation (decree of Russian Federation Government, No. 649 dated 05 1994)

March, 1998

Vostok, a design bureau for research and fishing vessels, was incorporated to the CRIST

21 March, 2007

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, signed a decree (No. 395) transforming FSUE CRIST into JSC Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Tecnology Center

17 November, 2010

JSC SSTC was awarded Certificate of Honor from the Russian Government for substantial input in development of shipbuilding industry and implimentation of advanced technologies