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JSC SSTC (movie)

General company's booklet

General company's presentation

Multipurpose set of equipment complex for repair of torpedo launching tubes

New methods to provide and control cleanliness of power plants inner cavities

Composite materials and articles technologies

Welding equipment

Pipe-bending machines 

Designing of industrial plants

Virtual Research Center

Robotized laser complexes

Designing of fishing vessels and special-purpose vessels

Thermal cutting machines

Technologies for construction and repair of vessels, warships and offshore floating structures

Setting-up onshore infrastructure for ships and submarines

Set of equipment for mechanized assembly and robotized welding of micropanels

Multifunctional bending and straightening machines

Mechanical installation procedures and pipe processing technologies

Shipborne valves and fittings 

Laser line for flat sections production

High-precision measuring center for shipbuilding and ship repair

Shot blasting machines

Equipment and procedures for low-frequency vibration treatment

Research and test complex of DB "Armas"

EPM material. Fabrication of polymeric shim plates for installation of shipboard equipment

Optimization of assembly and welding technology by means of welding deformations modeling

Simulation study of shipbuilding production procedures and processes by as SIRIUS 2.0