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The Second Russia-Africa Summit was held in St. Petersburg from 27 to 28 July. JSC SSTC participated in this event as part of joint exposition of the Government of St. Petersburg.

A part of Summit’s exposition was devoted to shipbuilding. Around 90% of Africa’s trade is a sea trade, that’s why the need in modern solutions in the field of shipbuilding and development of port infrastructure is great.   
JSC SSTC exhibited its developments in the field of ships and shipbuilding yards design. Interactive models of naval ships stationing point and shipbuilding complex on the island of Kotlin, developed with use of augmented virtual reality, as well as models of ships, designed by SSTC, attracted keen interest of high-ranked representatives from African countries.

The Summit became the most important milestone for development of bilateral relations with African countries. This event was visited by 48 high-ranked delegations. The purpose of the Summit was strengthening of overall and equitable cooperation between Russia and African countries in all fields, i.e. politics, safety, economics, science and technics as well as in the field of culture and humanitarian activities. 

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