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The 16th International Maritime Exhibition and Conference NEVA 2021 for Commercial Shipping, Shipbuilding, Offshore Energy, Ports, Inland Waterways and Oceanography took place in St. Petersburg on 21-24 September 2021.  This Exhibition and Conference is positioned as one of the leading international civil marine exhibitions, and it is a recognized platform for promoting international cooperation in the field of manufacturing marine equipment and machinery.  This year, more than 550 companies from 20 countries took part in the Exhibition.  National pavilions and expositions were organized with the participation of governments, export councils, and associations of maritime industry from the leading maritime powers (Republic of Korea, Spain, Turkey, Norway, etc.). 

The solemn ceremony for opening the NEVA–2021 Exhibition took place on 21 September 2021, and it was attended by Mr. Oleg Ryazantsev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr. Boris Kabakov, Director of the Department of Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Facilities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr. Aleksei Rakhmanov, President of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, and heads of Russian and foreign scientific-industrial associations and shipbuilding enterprises. 

JSC SSTC participated in the NEVA–2021 Exhibition and presented an exposition on the area of 54 sq.m in Pavilion F.  Exposition stands of JSC SSTC participated in the NEVA–2021 Exhibition and presented an exposition on the area of 54 sq.m in Pavilion F.  Exposition stands of JSC SSTC demonstrated developments of the company in the following areas: 

- Designing, modernization, and technical upgrade of ship-building and ship-repair enterprises; 

- Designing of ships of new generation, including fishing vessels and special-purpose ships; 

- Prospective technologies for shipbuilding and ship repair, including technologies for mechanical installation, welding, cutting and bending of steel sheets and pipes, and cleaning of surfaces; 

- Calculations and expertise for price formation, labour rating, and labour intensity; 

- Designing and tests of shipboard pipeline valves and fittings. 

The exposition of JCS SSTC at the NEVA–2021 Exhibition included electronic interactive 3D models of the small fishing trawler-seiner VIZIR (Project MRTS28M) and production facilities of JSC ONEGO Shipyard in Petrozavodsk after its modernization, models of fishing trawlers and mockups of shipboard pipeline valves and fittings, full-scale samples of ladder-gangway for small vessels, and other products of marine shipbuilding made of composite materials.  With the help of the above-mentioned items and together with accompanying video films, information booklets, and explanations and clarifications by JSC SSTC specialists, the visitors of the Exhibition were able to obtain comprehensive and in-depth information about the latest technologies in building ships and vessels, manufacturing marine equipment and machinery, and designing of shipbuilding enterprises and various types of ships and vessels. 

A delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, headed by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Oleg Ryazantsev, paid a visit to the exposition of JSC SSTC.  The delegation got acquainted with achievements of JSC SSTC in the area of manufacturing products for marine equipment and machinery from composite materials.  Such products were represented by a curvilinear carbon-fibre plastic sample made by the method of automated layup of tape prepregs, a ladder-gangway for small vessels, and a casing for antenna communication buoy made of organic plastics and glass plastics. 

More than 100 business meetings and negotiations with interested visitors were held at the JSC SSTC exposition stands.  Specialists from JSC SSTC discussed issues related to joint activities, supply of products and rendering of services.  Many proposals were received from various organizations and enterprises regarding supply of products and rendering of services. 

Within the framework of the NEVA-2021 Exhibition, JSC SSTC organized and conducted two round tables on shipbuilding.  Round table ‘Shipboard Pipeline Valves and Fittings: Topical Issues of Development in Civil Shipbuilding’ took place on September 22.  This round table was dedicated to major development tendencies in civil shipbuilding and shipboard pipeline valves and fittings, as well as to issues related to import substitution in manufacture of shipboard valves and fittings, digital-twin technologies for civil marine equipment and machinery, knowledge management in the field of manufacturing shipboard valves and fittings, and other issues.  More than 50 representatives from 34 organizations took part in this round table. 

Another round table was held on September 23 and was titled ‘Perfecting the Price Formation during Construction of Civil Ships:  Discussions on the Coming Changes’.  This round table was connected with the adoption of the Russian Federation Government resolution No. 34 dated 23.01.2021 ‘On the federal body of the executive power which is authorized to establish the order for determining the initial (maximum) contract price, prices of contracts concluded with the sole supplier (contractor, executor), and the initial price for a unit of a product, work, service for purchasing products of shipbuilding industry’, as well as with the preparation of the federal law by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation titled ‘On introducing changes into the federal law ‘On industrial policy in the Russian Federation’, which presumes introduction of validity checks (expertise) for substantiation of approximate cost for construction of ships and prices for designing, construction, repair, and disposal of ships.  50 representatives from enterprises located in St Petersburg, Moscow and various regions of Russia attended this round table. 

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