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JSC SSTC took part in "HiTech" Exhibition

JSC SSTC took part in the International Exhibition and Congress "High Technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HiTech'2017).

JSC SSTC represented its latest developments and projects within the framework of the contest “Best innovative project and best R&D project of the year”:

•    “Robotized laser complex for production and repair of mechanical equipment” – this system allows to produce and repair irregular shaped articles from advanced materials. The system has modular design and therefore can be integrated in various production facilities and subsequently adapted for manufacturing (repair) of products of various range and dimensions.

•    “T-beam production line” is purposed to manufacture straight T-beams for hull structures including their automated assembly, flux welding and subsequent straightening for welding stress removal.

•    “Developing new generation of import replacing control valves with high-effective axial flow section” – these a valves will have the following advantages compared to the existing models: enhanced adjustment range and flow capacity, reduced impact of cavitation, noise and vibration on piping systems, increased operation and environmental safety, increased automation level, reduced operation and exploitation costs.

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