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JSC SSTC took part in "Photonics. World of lasers and optics-2017" Exhibition

JSC SSTC took part in the exhibition "Photonics. World of lasers and optics-2017" in Moscow from February 28th to 3rd of March 2017.

JSC SSTC was present its latest developments in laser technologies:  

  •     Robotized laser technologies
  •     Complex for robotized laser cutting and hybrid laser-arc welding of three-dimensional structures
  •     Thermal cutting machines
  •     Laser cutting complex "Ritm-Laser"
  •     Complex for robotized laser cladding
  •     Robotized laser welding complex for welding of marine machinery items
  •     Laser line for flat sections production
  •     Welding Equipment
  •     Robotized laser complex for 3D cutting & welding
  •     Industrial portal laser cutting complexes.

High-Precision Measuring Center of JSC SSTC was present contoured complex for demonstration of laser 3D measurement opportunities.

20170228-IMG_2872.jpg   20170301-IMG_3146.jpg
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