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CIC of JSC SSTC has conducted ludic occupational guidance excursion for schoolchildren

On May 26, 2021 specialists from corporate information center of JSC SSTC have conducted ludic occupational guidance excursion for members of marine club “Flagship sailor boys’’ belonging todivision of 5th SCC “Flagman” in the city of Saint Petersburg. 

During excursion, boys got acquainted with evolution and development of shipbuilding technologies as well as history and current activities of JSC SSTC. Especially for this excursion,specialists of the corporate information center developed and prepared ludic exposition guides and educational materials.

The boys gifted the exposition of corporate information center with the unique atlas containing drawings of “Whitehead” torpedo projected by Fiume plant in 1912.

Corporate information center of JSC SSTC is a presentational, informational and educational facility for young specialists, students and scholars. Besides traditional showcases, exhibition mock-ups of ships and shipyards, which are common for corporate museums, the exposition incorporates interactive multimedia installationsfor interesting and informative representation of JSC SSTC history and current activities.

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